The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 11 has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with one of the beneficiaries of the University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao’s incubation program. 

The agency, being a strong ally of innovation, has been consistently looking for ways to keep on improving its processes. It has been constantly implementing programs and projects that would positively impact its clients – the business sector and consumers.  

Among the latest initiatives of DTI 11 is its partnership with GeoPik Technologies, Incorporated. 

The tech firm is a beneficiary of the University of the Philippines Growing and Developing Enterprises-Technology Business Incubation (UPGrade-TBI). As an “incubatee” of the program, it is a recipient of the interventions provided by the Davao City-based technology business incubator.  

The UPGrade-TBI assists in the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs and startups through its innovation and incubation programs. It started last December 2021 and will run for nine months.  

The MOA signing today marks another milestone for DTI 11 and GeoPik Technologies, Inc. since this signals an improvement in how it manages its reports and numerous data. The latter will provide its technical expertise for free, specifically in developing a system that will manage the former’s data sets. 

DTI 11 Assistant Regional Director Delia M. Ayano (left, seated) and GeoPik Technologies, Inc. founder John Ryan Loyloy (right, seated) lead the MOA signing today that signals the start of the development of the former’s database management system.

DTI 11 Assistant Regional Director Delia M. Ayano, who represented Regional Director Maria Belenda Q. Ambi, shared her appreciation for GeoPik Technologies in her opening remarks.  

“Initially, we thought of developing this system on our own. We tapped our information technology unit to work on it with our knowledge management team since we really want it to be integrated into our Knowledge Resource Hub,” Ayano said. “However, with the vital features that we want to be included in it, we realized that it’s too complex already. This is the very reason why we are grateful to Geopik Technologies Inc. for readily extending a hand for us to realize this vision.” 

She added that as an organization, the DTI 11 has always embraced the value of passion.  

“It is nothing but normal for us to adapt to changes by continuously improving our competence to deliver better services to our clients. And how do we do this? Of course, through innovation,” the local trade official noted. 

In the meantime, Ayano shared that the DTI 11-GeoPik Integration project is a timely response to address the demands of a more effective and efficient reporting of accomplishments. Likewise, it is also seen as a data analytics program that will put substance and quality into its performance reports. 

Meanwhile, for his part, GeoPik Technologies, Inc. founder John Ryan Loyloy expressed his commitment to ensuring that the solution it is developing will be beneficial to the organization. Further, he reiterated that he and his team are committed to maximizing the benefits of analytics. 

The project is expected to be done by December this year. ♦

Date of Release: 03 August 2022