MATI CITY, Davao Oriental – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here have visited several establishments throughout the province to check on the prices and supply of basic necessities and prime commodities (BNPCs). 

DTI-Davao Oriental has monitored a number of major establishments in the province to ensure their compliance with the suggested retail prices (SRPs). These monitoring activities are conducted either weekly or monthly in supermarkets and grocery stores to find out if there are violations against the SRPs. Likewise, these have been done to check on the current supply and inventory of BNPCs under the agency’s jurisdiction, which includes canned sardines, milk products, coffee, instant noodles, salt, laundry soap, bottled water, corned beef, meat and beef loaf, condiments (soy sauce, vinegar, patis), toilet soap, and batteries,  

As of 31 March this year, 13 weekly monitoring activities have already been conducted in Mati City’s five biggest consumer stores. These are the ER Supermall, ER Trading, NCCC Supermarket, Davao Central Warehouse Club Incorporated, and Bueno Central. In the meantime, regular monitoring activities have also been made in nine establishments in the other areas of Davao Oriental. Monitored monthly are the following: ER Superstore and Samal Central Warehouse Club Inc. in Lupon; Flamal Kids Corporation and JHG Trading Inc. in Banaybanay; Donna Marketing and EHR Marketing in Governor Generoso; ER Superstore and Aracel’s General Merchandise in Manay; and ER Superstore in Baganga. 

Based on these visits, it has been observed that the price and supply of BNPCs during the last three months have remained stable. 

DTI-Davao Oriental OIC-Provincial Director Sylvia D. Ordiz said that apart from the assurance that the main sources of consumer goods in the province have enough supply for everyone, there is another positive result, too. 

“When our monitoring team visited these establishments, they made sure that none of them have been violating the mandated SRPs. They carefully examined the price tags and check if what was written there were no higher than what we have set,” she said. 

Ordiz reiterated as well that her office will never tolerate anyone caught manipulating prices or violating any provisions of the Consumer Act and Price Act.  

To those who have something to clarify or report to DTI-Davao Oriental, she encouraged them to reach their office through their official Facebook page: DTI-Davao Oriental, so that their concern can be addressed accordingly. ♦

Date of Release: 16 April 2021