DAVAO CITY – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Davao Region has continued to ensure that consumers are protected from substandard products as it conducted its first Philippine Standard (PS) audit for the year.

The team of trained personnel from the agency visited Davao Vanfire Marketing in Davao City last 15 January to check if it complies with the existing laws and guidelines. In the said activity, the auditors found no violations. The findings will be endorsed to the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) for further evaluation and for product testing by a third party.

The PS Audit was done to evaluate the effectiveness of the management system and if it complies with PNS ISO 9001:2015. Likewise, it would look into the manufacturer’s compliance with the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) rules and regulations and the product conformance to the Philippine National Standard (PNS), particularly in this case, the conformity of the product to PNS 15-1:1989. 

Team of trained personnel conducts PS Audit

DTI-Davao Regional Director Maria Belenda Q. Ambi explained that the PS audit is one of the mandates of the DTI-BPS and it is a requirement for the issuance of the manufacturer’s product license.

“This is to ensure the production and distribution of quality products for the protection of the consumer. And we at DTI-Davao Region are committed to doing our part in making sure that consumers are constantly protected from any substandard product. We conduct regular audits across the region to assess if the manufacturers and industries here that offer products covered by the PNS are compliant,” she said.

Among these products are dry chemical portable fire extinguishers.♦

Date of Release: 26 January 2021