DTI 12, in collaboration with DSWD 12, conducted a Stakeholders’ Forum participated by the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) representatives from different provinces in Region 12.

One of the topics discussed was the Joint DTI-DA-DOE Administrative Order No. 17-02 Series of 2017 or the “Grant of Special Discounts to Senior Citizens on the Purchase of Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities (BNPCs)”.

Highlights of the lecture were the following:

  • Senior Citizens are entitled to a 5% discount on the purchase of BNPCs;
  • The total amount of said purchase shall not exceed the amount of One Thousand Three Hundred Pesos (PhP1,300.00) per calendar week without carry over of the unused amount to the succeeding week;
  • Said amount shall be spent on items commensurate to the personal and exclusive consumption of the Senior Citizens only;
  • The privilege herein granted shall not be claimed if the Senior Citizen claims a higher discount as may be granted by the retail establishment;
  • In cases where the Senior Citizen is also a PWD entitled to a 5% discount under his/her valid PWD ID, the Senior Citizen shall use either his/her OSCA-issued ID card or PWD ID card to avail oneself of the 5% discount upon presentation of both booklets issued by the concerned agencies; and,
  • To avail of the said discount, the Senior Citizen must present any valid ID reflecting his/her date of birth and the purchase booklet

DTI 12 Regional Director Jude Constantine S. Jaugan reiterates the importance of knowing our consumer rights and ensuring the provision of benefits intended for our Senior Citizens. ♦

Date of Release: 15 June 2022