As we celebrated the colors and flavors of Cagayan Valley, we also extended a special invitation to everyone to be part of two captivating side events: the Wheel of Prizes—ROLETA Game and the Tour & Win (Padday Na Lima Trade Fair Challenge).

As participants stepped into a world of prizes with the Wheel of Prizes—ROLETA Game, the excitement began as they registered at the designated booth, where they received personalized stubs or tickets granting exclusive access to this online game. With a simple spin of the virtual wheel, participants had the chance to win a range of exciting prizes, adding thrills, surprises, and an extra layer of excitement to their Padday na Lima experience.

Participants got ready for an adventure like no other with the Tour & Win challenge at the Padday Na Lima Trade Fair! Upon registration, they received personalized game cards with a variety of challenges and quests to conquer. As participants explored the vibrant Trade Fair venue, each completed challenge brought them closer to claiming fantastic prizes. Many joined in this exciting challenge, where every completed task brought participants closer to being one of the five daily winners!

Date of release: 11 August 2023