The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently issued “Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies” for the upcoming school opening. The price guide was issued last July 25 and aims to assist consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing school items for the start of the academic year.

The “Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies” includes a wide range of essential school supplies, such as notebooks, pad papers, pencils, ballpoint pens, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, and rulers. By providing specific brands and corresponding prices, the guide empowers parents and students to plan their back-to-school shopping more efficiently.

“As we prepare for the school year 2023-2024, DTI is committed to supporting our local consumers and ensuring that they have access to accurate and updated price information,” stated DTI-3 OIC Regional Director Brigida T. Pili. “Through the ‘Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies,’ we aim to alleviate the burden of back-to-school shopping for families in Central Luzon and promote fair and transparent pricing among suppliers.”

Based on the “Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies,” notebook prices range from ₱23.00 to ₱52.00. Grades one to four pad paper prices vary from ₱21.00 to ₱28.00, while intermediate pad paper prices range from ₱31.00 to ₱48.75.

In addition, the price guide features the prices of writing materials such as pencils and ballpoint pens, ranging from ₱11.00 to ₱17.00 and ₱9.25 to ₱19.00, respectively. A pack of 3 pencils costs ₱18.00 to ₱33.00 while a pack of 3 ballpens costs ₱24.00 to ₱33.00. Consumers can find a box of crayons with eight colors for as low as ₱12.00 to as high as ₱34.00 depending on the brand. Erasers are priced at ₱4.50 to ₱20.00 depending on the size and brand, while sharpeners and rulers are priced at ₱18.00 to ₱37.00 and ₱22.00 to ₱27.75, respectively.

While some school supplies have remained unaffected by recent market trends, DTI also acknowledges that certain items have experienced price increases due to the global cost of basic raw materials. The department assures consumers that they are closely coordinating with local manufacturers to ensure that prices remain reasonable and that sufficient supply is available in the market.

Through the “Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies,” DTI-3 reaffirms its commitment to promoting fair trade practices and safeguarding consumer welfare in the region. The department encourages the public to make use of this valuable resource when preparing for the upcoming school year. ♦

Date of release: 28 July 2023