in photo: DTI Quezon through its Negosyo Center-Infanta Business Counselor, together with LGU Offficers from Infanta, Quezon.

BINONOAN, QUEZON — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Quezon, through its Negosyo Center-Infanta, participated in a consultative meeting on May 16, 2023, at the Infanta Community Library, together with the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion Office (LEDIPO), Municipal Tourism Office, and Business Permit and Licensing Section (BPLS). This meeting was an initiative of Ms. Ruth Ann P. Cuerdo, Labor and Employment Officer I, and LEDIPO Designate, which aims to identify potential activities and programs to help boost economic development and investment opportunity in the municipality.

During the meeting, Ms. Maribel U. Meraña, License Inspector I, shared her concerns with the application and issuance of business permits and licenses that somehow affect investment opportunities. Ms. Charmaine V. Leynes of the Tourism Office suggested the implementation of positive reinforcement with the purpose of motivating business owners to comply with the standards of business permit application. Moreover, she shared the continuous communication and engagement of the Tourism Office with its stakeholders through councils, which creates a good relationship between both parties.

The highlight of the meeting was the discussion of the action and project plans that would help uplift the business community in Infanta. Samahan ng Maliliit na Maglalala ng Binonoan, or SMMB, was identified as a potential recipient of one of the proposed projects. They are an association of local weavers that are seen as successful in the industry because of their exquisite handicrafts and talents. Ms. Ella Queen V. Aguelo, NC Infanta Business Counselor, discussed a range of possible interventions that could be implemented to improve and promote their products. She mentioned that there is a need for orientation on compliance with government regulations, organizational strengthening, and entrepreneurial mindsets as initial support for the association. The assistance that will be provided by the LGU, DTI-Quezon, and other government agencies to SMMB is expected to establish a committed association producing competitive handicrafts that will contribute to the overall economic development and investment promotion in the locality.

Also present during the meeting is the Mayor’s Office/LEDIPO Technical Support Staff, Mr. Remegio T. Magallanes III.

Date of Release: 14 June 2023