The Collaborative Harnessing and Mentoring Program for SMEs (CHAMPS) Season 3 carried out its Creative Industry Module: Costing and Pricing on 18 May 2022 through Zoom Application. It was attended by CHAMPS beneficiaries and was organized by Department of Trade and Industry – Rizal Provincial Office.

Crowd shot of CHAMPS beneficiaries who attended the Module discussion

Ms. Anavrin Fulgueras, Negosyo Center (NC) Jalajala Business Counselor (BC) ,  welcomed the resource speaker and participants. Ms. Sharon F. Dioco, Division Chief-Business Development Division gave her welcome message emphasized the importance of the topic in making their businesses more efficient for having accurate and dependable costing and pricing before they release a product, to have more competitive-based strategy, market -oriented pricing compares to similar products offered on the market.

Screen capture: Negosyo Center Jalajala Business Counselor, Ms. Anavrin Fulgueras together with Guest Speaker, Mr. Leandro M. Lontok

Mr. Leandro M. Lontok, Founder and Partner of CLTA and Co., is the resource speaker of the said activity. He started by explaining the definition of costing and pricing along with its strategies and importance. He also stated that many factors influence the cost and price of a product.  Each decision must take into account costs, competition and economic conditions. Since every business owner wants to set effective prices that yield large amount of profit, they should set goals that will act as guidelines for effective and efficient pricing.  He also mentioned that MSMEs should aim to obtain a given share of the market, to generate sales that produce specific profit and to meet competitors’ prices.

Certificate of Appreciation was then awarded by Ms. Sharon F. Dioco, to the guest speaker for sharing his knowledge and expertise. Lastly, Mr. Lontok expressed his gratitude to the DTI Rizal Provincial Office and participants for inviting him in the said activity. ♦

Date of Release: 31 May 2022