GUMACA, QUEZON — February 02, 2023 | The term “handmade crafts” refers to products made locally, frequently, by craftsmen utilizing age-old methods and resources. Decorative items, bags and bayongs, salakot, wine holder, and other hand-made products are all examples of handicrafts. Because of the unique approach and craftsmanship that go into their development, handmade goods are frequently regarded as remarkable and one-of-a-kind.

Gumaca Tourism Office and DTI Negosyo Center – Gumaca visiting the local handicrafts stores.

The Gumaca Tourism Office and DTI Negosyo Center – Gumaca are aiming to promote the sale of locally manufactured handcraft items by making an attempt to collaborate with local stores. The objective of the Gumaca Tourism Office and DTI NC – Gumaca is to enhance the exposure of locally produced crafts and facilitate easier consumer access by promoting these products to retailers. It is a positive step in supporting the local economy. The local economy can develop as a result of higher sales for local craftsmen. Promoting municipal handicrafts can also aid in the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of a sense of community pride. The Gumaca Tourism Office and DTI Negosyo Center – Gumaca are working together to develop a more thriving and sustainable local economy.

Present during the market canvassing/visitation were Mr. Russel D. Ner (Municipal Tourism Officer Designate), Raymond Evangelista (Tourism Assistant II), Mr. Avemar De Ramos (Market Supervisor), Olly Arban (Kalipi and VisayaMin Focal Person) and DTI Negosyo Center Gumaca – Business Counselor.

Date of Release: 30 March 2023