The CPCC price monitoring task force in a group photo.

The Tayabas City Price Coordinating Council Joint Task Force conducted Monthly Monitoring at several establishments and markets in Tayabas City on 9 March 2022. The DTI Negosyo Center Tayabas, Business Permit and Licensing Office, PNP Tayabas, City Public Market Operations, City Veterinary/Slaughter House, City Agriculture Office, and City Economic Development and Investment Promotions Office were the ones who conducted the ad hoc price monitoring, activity to compare the price and supply of basic products.

A random price check verification was also conducted at some stores to ensure that the prices on the counter and display were the same. The City Public Market Operations Office is still conducting weekly and quarterly monitoring, and commodity prices can be observed on the bulletin board of our market.

CPCC price monitoring task force inspecting meat prices

The prices of basic necessities and prime commodities, as well as the current prices of poultry, meat, and chicken, were all monitored. During the monitoring, it was observed that most of the prices were in compliance with the latest suggested retail price. There were some movements with some of the poultry products, but they were justified because some of them were locally sourced and based on the city’s prevailing price.

The Bantay Presyo bulletin board

These report findings will be reported to the City Mayor, as Chair of CPCC, who will be subjected to review and recommendations on the measures needed to ensure that prices of the items will remain stable.♦

Date of Release: 30 May 2022