Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – MIMAROPA and LOCAD, an established cloud logistics network, co-hosted a webinar titled “Be a Pinoy eCommerce Champ” to help micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) transition online. 

The masterclass session focused on the following topics; (1) How to do online selling of local products, (2) Trusted delivery partners for small businesses, and (3) What is a fulfillment service and how it can help your businesses. As part of the onboarding session, LOCAD offered the participating MSMEs special benefits and exclusive promos on their services. 

Jian Robedillo, Marketing Communications Manager of LOCAD, reminded the participants that they can start their e-Commerce business by selling their products through popular marketplace platforms to reach consumers. He also underlined that to be a true e-Commerce champion, an entrepreneur needs a robust fulfillment service or system to move their products.

Trev Ramirez, Associate Director, Control Tower, and Performance Management of LOCAD, shared tips on optimizing warehousing, picking and packing, and shipping, to empower the attendees with actionable steps. 

Ray Caguin, Associate Director and Philippine Market Lead of LOCAD, emphasized that once a business grows, it will inevitably hit a ceiling where fulfillment cannot be done alone, at this point a fulfillment service partner is needed. He highlights that LOCAD is the fulfillment service partner for local MSMEs to grow their business. 

LOCAD provides a seamless end-to-end fulfillment service that combines all the back-end operations of a business so an entrepreneur can forget logistics and focus on growing their business. Moreover, the network’s powerful and easy-to-use Control Tower provides e-Commerce businesses a clear overview of their business and the movement of their products.

“For all MIMAROPA MSMEs and DTI Provincial Offices, we have to concentrate on our LOCAD partnership — this is one of the best and most strategic ways for us to promote our local products,” according to DTI MIMAROPA Regional Director Joel B. Valera in his opening remarks. 

DTI MIMAROPA Assistant Regional Director Rodolfo J. Mariposque, on the other hand, discussed with the participants the importance of having competitions in the business and how to stand out among other competitors. 

Around 63 participants, from both the public and private sector, and MSMEs, joined the virtual activity on October 25, 2021.

Virtual photo op taken during the “Be a Pinoy eCommerce Champ” Masterclass and Onboarding Session co-hosted by DTI MIMAROPA and LOCAD
Virtual photo op taken during the “Be a Pinoy eCommerce Champ” Masterclass and Onboarding Session co-hosted by DTI MIMAROPA and LOCAD

DTI MIMAROPA looks into assisting more MSMEs onboard in LOCAD’s fulfillment service, and eventually tap the logistics services for the upcoming trade fairs and events.

The activity is part of the year-round initiatives of DTI MIMAROPA in making eCommerce easy and convenient for MSMEs in the region. ♦

Date of Release: 27 October 2021