The Department of Trade and Industry – Pangkabuhayan sa Pagbangon at Ginhawa (DTI-PPG) is a livelihood seeding and entrepreneurship development program for micro-enterprises, with priority in areas affected by fire incidents and other calamities, including health disasters such as pandemics, and individuals and enterprises in National Capital Region (NCR) who have voluntarily moved to identified rural areas under the Balik Probinsya Program for the purpose of establishing or relocating an enterprise.

In Photo: PPG potential beneficiaries in the Municipality of Lumban

In line with this, DTI Laguna Provincial Office through Negosyo Center (NC) Lumban partnered with the Local Government Unit and Public Employment Service Office – Lumban. They were able to identify and validate a total of 50 potential beneficiaries in the Municipality of Lumban. The selected PPG beneficiaries were invited to attend the PPG Series of Program and Services Orientation, Entrepreneurial Training-Seminar, and Consumer Education for PPG Beneficiaries on 29 April 2022, at the Agarao Gym Barangay Lewin Ibaba Lumban, Laguna as part of the program’s assistance.

PPG Support Staff Joemarie C. Valizado started the activity with a prayer led by followed by STIDS Christian Ted O. Tungohan to deliver the opening remarks. LSP-NSB Support Staff Maureen R. Leyros as well as our Local Government Unit of Lumban Representatives – PESO Manager Bongbong Del Valle and Municipal Executive Assistant Katelyn Ubatay Ferrer were also present to welcome the PPG Beneficiaries.

DTI Laguna TIDS-CARP Emmanuel-Lee O. Lapitan discussing the Consumer Rights and Services.

The DTI Laguna Team was given assigned topics to share with the PPG Beneficiaries starting with the DTI Programs and Services discussed by PPG Support staff Joemarie C. Valizado then DTI staff Emmanuel-Lee O. Lapitan came next to present the topic on Consumer Protection Services and Consumer Education. After that, NCBC Jamila Eleazar delivered the topic on Setting Up a Business. To wrap up the said activity, PPG Support Staff Joemarie C. Valizado added a brief discussion about the Action Plan which the DTI-Laguna Team assisted the PPG Beneficiaries to accomplish. By the end of the discussion, NC Business Counselor (BC) Jamila Eleazar took the opportunity to release all signed BMBE Certificates of PPG Beneficiaries who applied through Negosyo Center Lumban. Some of the PPG Beneficiaries were also interested in applying as BMBE and were directed to visit the Negosyo Center Lumban for assistance. The said activity can be concluded successfully. ♦

Date of Release: 30 May 2022