in photo: CTIDS Anna Marie V. Quincina, and TIDS/TPO Honeylee O. Eclavea, while conducting the assessment.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Quezon conducted a one-on-one assessment of potential OTOP program beneficiaries in April and May 2023.

CTIDS Anna Marie V. Quincina, TIDS/TPO Honeylee O. Eclavea, and OTOP Support Staff Regine L. Avellano interviewed each MSMEs to assess their willingness and readiness to commit to the program. The interview was conducted both physical and online using the Zoom Teleconference.

Twenty-two MSMEs (17 food and 5 non-food) were interviewed and will proceed to further assessment and evaluation. Once qualified, they will be included in the new set of OTOPreneurs and will proceed to the Assessment, Consultation, and Triage (A.C.T.) Session, wherein they will be assisted in developing their brands by creating or enhancing product and packaging designs with guidance from commissioned design artists and consultants.

Date of Release: 14 June 2023