The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 4A-CALABARZON Region, hosted by DTI Quezon, conducted the Kapatid Mentor ME-Money Market Encounter (KMME-MME) Online Module 1: Entrepreneurial Mind-setting and Values Formation with Mr. Harley Dave B. Beltran, Founder of Handcrafted by Harl’s (HHS Leathergoods Enterprises) and a Certified Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE)-Go Negosyo Mentor.

Crowd shot of the participants of webinar

Ms. Aicel Joy S. Dongon, Negosyo Center Dolores Business Counselor, moderated the module session and mentee’s roll call. The mentor was then introduced by Ms. Cristina J. Avio, Senior Trade-Industry Development Specialist.

Mr. Beltran began his discussion by recounting his own entrepreneurial experience, which began while he was in elementary school as a newspaper boy. He then explained the DNA, values, and attributes of a good entrepreneur in terms of purpose, impact, network, business opportunities, and public relations. He proudly revealed the artisans behind Harl’s innovative and unique genuine leather products as the country’s only micro-social enterprise.

Towards the end, a video was shown to the mentees, telling the inspiring story of Indonesian professional photographer Achmad Zulkarnain, who was born without hands and legs. A brief virtual photo opportunity with the mentor, DTI coordinators, and mentees was held to document the module session.

Crowd shot of the participants of webinar

In closing, Business Development Division Chief, Ms. Anna Marie V. Quincina stated, “no matter how good the program is, how competent the coaches are, how cooperative your co-mentees are, how effective the mentors are, at the end of the day, it is still you who will make your own story, you who will choose the path to success, and you who will create the narrative of your entrepreneurial journey”.

The session was attended by 51 mentees from the region, with 10 from Quezon Province. The KMME-MME Online MS Batch 2 will be implemented from April to July 2022, concluding with the presentation of the Business Improvement Plan (BIP). The graduation ceremony is set to take place on 19 July 2022. ♦

Date of Release: 17 May 2022