DTI Quezon Provincial Director Julieta Tadiosa, together with DTI Region 2 (Cagayan Valley Region), led by the Regional Coconut Industry Focal Person, Ms. Manilyn Ponce

On November 17, 2022, DTI Region 2 (Cagayan Valley Region), led by the Regional Coconut Industry Focal Person, Ms. Manilyn Ponce, cooperators, and other delegates from the region traveled to Gumaca, Quezon, to conduct benchmarking activity on the Gumaca Coco Coir Consumer Coop (GCCCC) located at Brgy. Villabota, Gumaca, Quezon, under the DTI Region 2 Coconut Benchmarking Mission with CIPDP Project Coordinator Lawrence Joseph Velasco, SSF Support Staff Dendro Pereda, and Gumaca Business Counselor Harold Aguilar.

Upon arrival at the GCCCC facility, Chairperson Noel Florido and Mr. Clarence Severa humbly welcomed DTI Region 2 with freshly opened coconut juice for everyone. Mr. Florido introduced the DTI team to the history and background of the facility as well as the essential processes necessary in the coco coir industry.

Bench marking activity with DTI Region 2

After the introduction, Mr. Florido and Mr. Severa took the DTI Region 2 delegation on tour inside the facility and demonstrated the operation of the machines and equipment from the SSF program of DTI Quezon Province. The DTI Region 2 team was able to observe and examine different operations in producing coco coir, from extracting coco fiber from a coconut husk to the drying process of coco fiber to the actual twining process of coco fibers using the twining machine, as well as the manual twining process using the bicycle twining machine. After that, the DTI Region 2 team explored the process of making coco nets from the coco twine. Mr. Florido also showcased how they utilize the coco peat and turn it into fertilizers. The DTI Region 2 team also had a chance to visit the local residents’ community-based production of coco coir using the manual process of the bicycle twining machine provided by the GCCCC.

Gumaca Coco Coir Consumer Coop representatives together with DTI Region 2 personnel

After the successful benchmarking in the GCCCC facility, the DTI Region 2 also had a courtesy meeting with Quezon Provincial Director Julieta L. Tadiosa and was able to discuss and gain insights from other coconut industries in the province.

Date of Release: 14 December 2022