Captured photo of PPG Livelihood Kits from Rizal

The Department of Trade and Industry with the effort to help and support micro-enterprises that were affected by the fire incidents, the health pandemic, and other calamities, conducted another awarding of Pangkabuhayan sa Pagbangon at Ginhawa (PPG) livelihood kits to thirty-four (34) beneficiaries from various municipalities in the province of Rizal. This was held on November 28, 2022, at 10:00 am, Tuesday in the DTI-Rizal Provincial Office.

Before the awarding of items, registration/attendance and filling out PPG forms (Acknowledgement Receipt and Pledge of Commitment) were accomplished by the beneficiaries. Present during the awarding event were by STIDS Marlene G. De Luna, TIDS Jonalyn A. Adaya, PPG Support Staff Michael C. Avisado, Ms. Jocelyn A. Ferrer, and Business Counselor Arlene Olesco.

Here is the list of the PPG Beneficiaries present during the event:

  1. Anabelle S. Solis (Annie Vie’s Snack House)
  2. Azenith C. Castalone (Pio’s Gourmet Tuyo)
  3. Bernadette C. Aguirre (Niogan Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries MPC)
  4. Bienvenido L. Santiago (Viviene’s Gotohan)
  5. Carmelito Soriano Buenas (Millianne’s Kitchenette)
  6. Elaine Von C. Espiritu Santo (VN Chef’s Lugaw House)
  7. Elsa S. Garcia (Elsa Egg Trading)
  8. Emerson B. Cruz (Emerson’s Dry goods Store)
  9. Eric G. Montoya (Mr. Dagupeño Bangus Corp.)
  10. Feromina Espiritu Santo (Sipsipin Multi-Purpose Cooperative)
  11. Gina C. Arnedo (Jeremiah Seafood Trading)
  12. Glenda G. Manuson (Gardma Marketing)
  13. Janneth C. Alapad (GJC Lugawan)
  14. Joe H. Mallari (Joe & Che Coconut Store)
  15. Josefina S. Olifermo (JCO Kakanin Store)
  16. Kimberly Chua (Samuel Dishwashing Products Store)
  17. Lilibeth L. Francisco (Lileth Rice Grinding Services)
  18. Loida Angeles (Loida’s Bibingka)
  19. Ma. Lerma R. Paranas (Ma. Lerma Paranas Lugawan)
  20. Ma. Purificacion T. Cairo (Donnarevita Plastic Store)
  21. Ma. Teresa N. Abuyabor (Ma. Teresa Abuyabor Enterprise)
  22. Marie Antonette C. Peralta (Nathan’s Café)
  23. Mark Devie M. Arado (Markdevie Grill Restaurant)
  24. Mark R. Reaño (Mark R. Dried Fish Store)
  25. Melchor H. Orilla (MNCO Enterprises)
  26. Melinda Pantaleon (Melinda Pantaleon DVD Store)
  27. Nadine Abraham (Swirls N Sprinkles Bakeshop)
  28. Nelita DL. San Jose (Nilet’s Coconut)
  29. Rina Antoniette J. Ramos (Jeterra Fine Foods)
  30. Ritzie T. Mallari (Althea & Alyssa Coconut Store)
  31.  Vicente R. Dela Cruz (Onstep Medical Footwear)
  32. Eleonor T. Obarra (Brityronica Slippers and Sandals Manufacturing)
  33. Maricel M. Lorilla (Lorilla Footwear)
  34. Lucila A. Hilario (Anna & Rico Tagumpay Footwear Shop)

The program was facilitated by TIDS Jonalyn A. Adaya, who welcomed the participants. She explained the content and provisions of all the PPG receiving forms, such as Pledge of Commitment and Acknowledgement Receipt, to be accomplished by the awardees. STIDS Marlene G. De Luna delivered her inspiring, welcoming remarks. She also said in her speech that, hopefully, next year, there will still be another PPG or equivalent program so that the DTI can help more microenterprises during these times of crisis. Afterward, beneficiaries were called one by one for the photo opportunity, followed by the awarding of PPG livelihood kits.

Date of Release: 12 December 2022