Apart from the creation of a business environment, the Department of Trade and Industry is directed to ensuring consumer welfare, hence the Consumer Advocacy for Rizal Entrepreneurs (CARE) webinar series of DTI Rizal to impart the fundamentals of consumer awareness to the public.

On September 14, 2022, via Zoom Application and Facebook Live, the Department of Trade and Industry-Rizal Provincial Office kicked-off its first session with its objectives – to encourage MSMEs to boost their marketing strategy through the proper conduct of sales promotion and inform the public of its legalities to prevent unwanted outcomes. A total of 33 potential and existing MSMEs attended the session on Zoom and reached 285 viewers on Facebook Live.

Screen capture of the attendees of CARE Webinar

Ms. Concepcion Ramos, OIC-Chief of Consumer Protection Division-Rizal, spearheaded the discussion. With her vast knowledge, she covered the following topics: 1. How to apply for a sales promotion permit (documentary requirements, fees, and terms and conditions); 2. Different types of sales promotions; 3. How to distinguish sales promotion from advertising; and 4. Taripa vs sales promotion/raffle.

Screen capture of the attendees of CARE Webinar

Furthermore, Ms. Cleotilde M. Duran, OIC-Provincial Director, and Ms. Sharon F. Dioco, Business Development Division Chief, graced the session with motivational and inspirational messages for the participants.

The series will continue airing every Wednesday starting this month to promote consumer advocacy.

Date of Release: 22 September 2022