The Department of Trade and Industry – Rizal Provincial Office (DTI-RIZAL) raided three stores where a total of 5,316 sets of uncertified christmas lights were seized with an approximate market value of PhP 378,309.00.

The three stores had mixed stock of certified and uncertified Christmas lights. Items which neither had the Philippine Standard (PS) Mark nor Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers were removed from the shelves.

A sum of 4,031 sets of Christmas lights came from a store in Teresa, while 1,285 sets were confiscated from two stores in Binangonan by DTI’s enforcement team led by the Chief of the Consumer Protection Division of DTI-Rizal. Notice of violations were issued to the three business establishments selling uncertified christmas lights.

“We conducted this enforcement in anticipation of the increase in sales as holiday spending gain momentum,” said Director Mercedes Parreño, Provincial Director of DTI-Rizal.

Manufacturers are required to apply for a Philippine Standard (PS) License prior to production of mandatory products such as Christmas lights and are further required to place a PS Mark in either the packaging or product while importers are required to attach an ICC sticker. Said marking are mandated under the DTI Department Order No. 2, series of 2007, prior to its distribution and sale in the local market.

Mandatory products are tested against their Philippine National Standard (PNS) requirements and only those that pass are issued the PS license and ICC certificate.

Director Parreño reminds the public, “Look for the PS Mark and ICC stickers when buying Christmas lights so that we can avoid fires and enjoy a safer holiday season”.♦

Date of release: 2 December 2019