Group Photo of the participants of seminar

The Local Government of Mauban, in coordination with the DTI Negosyo Cantera – Mauban, conducted a Food Safety and Proper Food Handling Seminar for MSMEs in the food sector, which comprises of restaurants, food stalls, eateries, and catering services. The activity was held at the Ikosan Hotel and Restaurant, Brgy. Polo, Mauban, Quezon on 18–19 November 2021.

The activity started with a prayer, followed by the Philippine National Anthem and opening remarks from the head of the committee on health. The activity started in the morning, whereas the other topics such as business processing, Department of Tourism (DOT) Accreditation, and municipal environment regulatory office requirements were discussed. Vice Mayor Maribel Trinidad wholeheartedly welcomed the participants, guests, spokespeople, and organizers of the said activity

Ms. Rhodora A. Ulan, Food Safety Facilitator, discussed the second part of the lecture, “Keeping Our Food Safe: Importance of Food Safety and Proper Food Handling during a Pandemic,” which includes: a. Contamination and Foodborne Illness; b. Proper Food Handling and Storage; Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures. It was discussed on Day 1 and Day 2 of the seminar.

After the discussion, certificates were awarded to the resource people led by Mayor Marita T. Llamas.

Negosyo Center Business Counsellor (NCBC) Jon Emilou gave thanks to all participants, followed by some announcements regarding NC-Mauban after the closing message from Mayor Marita Turgo Llamas. Encomienda also gave the closing message for the participants, which ended the program with a message of thankfulness to all the guests, resource persons, and participants on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry-Quezon.

This seminar provided micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the food industry with knowledge and awareness about food safety, as well as support for MSMEs’ process standardization on food services and increased MSMEs’ competitiveness in delivering food services to consumers.

The overall impression of the program was very satisfactory. The course content consisted of a three-part inclusive lecture that provided MSMEs with rich information regarding food safety, sanitation, and hygiene. ♦

Date of Release: 29 November 2021