Meeting and Collaboration with the Handy craft producer

GUMACA, QUEZON — February 10, 2023 | The Gumaca Tourism Office along with the DTI Negosyo Center – Gumaca will work with local craftsmen to showcase the goods and promote local tourism products. As a result, consumers and visitors will have the opportunity to have distinctive and genuine experience while simultaneously promoting cultural heritage, growing the local economy, and creating jobs.

The Gumaca Tourism Office brought the purchased handicrafts from the February 02, 2023 market canvassing/visitation, discussed where it was bought and originated, discussed its measurements, purchased price and market price. The tourism office organized an arrangement where they will procure the raw materials, the raw materials will then be sold (at a reasonable price) to the local craftsmen, the produced handicrafts will then be sold to the gumaca tourism office. And in order to penetrate a competitive market, the local handicrafts’ price will be identical to the (non-local) supplier’s price.

As part of the advocacy program, the DTI Negosyo Center Gumaca – Business Counselor (DTI NC, BC) discussed the free business consultancy and business advisory service, possible market matching and bench marking to the local manufacturers.

Giving preference to locally made and owned goods, services, and industries is referred to as “supporting local.” This can mean opting to purchase things created locally, supporting local makers, and taking part in community activities and events. Supporting local manufacturers promotes a stronger local economy, local culture, and local customs. You can help your community remain viable and have a positive effect on the local economy by making the decision to support local businesses.

Present during the meeting and discussion were Mr. Russel D. Ner (Municipal Tourism Officer Designate), Raymond Evangelista (Tourism Assistant II), Ms. Bridgette Dayunot, Ms. Ching & Olly Arban (Kalipi and Visaya-Mi Focal Person), Nine (9) Local craftsmen who also presented their handicrafts and the DTI Negosyo Center Gumaca – Business Counselor.

Date of Release: 30 March 2023