Screen capture while introducing NC Mauban Business Counselor Ms. Nicole P. Lleva, in financial literacy webinar

MAUBAN, QUEZON — In a bid to enhance financial literacy among individuals from various sectors, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) – Quezon invited Ms. Nicole P. Lleva, DTI Negosyo Center Mauban Business Counselor, to share her expertise in a webinar titled “Financial literacy 101: A Simple Guide to Manage your Budget.”

During the highly anticipated event, Ms. Lleva captivated an audience of 160 participants, comprising students, government and private employees, and business owners. Ms. Lleva captivated the crowd by sharing her journey from having no budget plan to successfully living within her means today. She got her inspiration from a big shot and her favorite wealth coach, Mr. Chinkee Tan, and talked about the six (6) bad habits that make us poor. It was a real “oh no” moment for everyone as they finally realized where they had been making mistakes.

The centerpiece of Ms. Lleva’s presentation was an in-depth exploration of budgeting, covering its definition, and the importance of budgeting, and providing attendees with a personalized, step-by-step process for creating effective budgeting strategies. Her comprehensive approach provided participants with valuable insights and practical advice, equipping them with the necessary tools to make informed financial decisions.

Seizing the opportunity to further support aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, Ms. Lleva also shared information about the various programs and services offered by the DTI. Specifically, she emphasized the significance of business name registration, a crucial step towards establishing a thriving enterprise.

The webinar garnered positive responses from participants who expressed gratitude for Ms. Lleva’s inspiring and informative session. Wrapping up the webinar, Ms. Lleva stressed that the lessons learned should not stop there. Leaving the attendees with a thought-provoking question, she asked, “When is the right time to start budgeting?”

It is important to remember that budgeting is not one-size-fits-all. You may need to tailor them to align with your unique financial situation and goals. Nonetheless, they can provide a solid foundation to kick-start your budgeting journey and cultivate positive financial habits.

Date of Release: 31 May 2023