Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Laguna, through Negosyo Center Bay, conducted the SME Roving Academy on Business Resiliency – Understanding Resiliency via Zoom last 8 April 2022.

Screen Capture of the speaker's presentation - Understanding Resilience

The said activity aims to equip MSMEs with proper concepts and ideas on business resilience for them to adapt and adjust to certain unexpected situations. The resource speaker, Ms. Villanueva, discussed the management of the business and how resiliency plays a major role in the longevity of the business.

Further, the resource speaker delved into the problems encountered by businesses and how these crises, specifically in people, organization, technology, finance, and nature, are crucial for the sustainability of an enterprise. The planning process is also shortened and solidified through the concept of resilience which is beneficial to most, if not all, business owners.

She ended the discussion with a quote from the critically-acclaimed scientist and diplomat, Mr. Glenn S. Banaguas: “FAITH is deemed to be major armor of the people. Most stakeholders describe how faith helped them to be resilient. For others, they feel blessed that they were able to survive the chaotic experience even though they lost their assets and material possessions. Faith and actions (sic) shape the true essence of resilience.” ♦

Date of Release: 22 April 2022