The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Laguna through Negosyo Center (NC) Paete and in partnership with the local government unit (LGU) of Paete conducted an SME Roving Academy (SMERA) entitled “Seminar on Setting-up a Business and Orientation of DTI Programs and Services” in cooperation with Sangguniang Barangay of Bagumbayan for the potential and existing MSMEs of their fellow barangay.

In photo: Resource Speaker of the said seminar, discussing how to set up a business

The goal of this activity is to provide our potential and existing MSMEs in Barangay Bagumbayan the knowledge on how to start their business effectively. And provide the necessary guidelines and procedures in setting up a business. MSMEs through DTI SME Roving Academy will be taught how it will help enterprises to get to know the different government agencies involved in business registration, legalization, and financing.

Before the seminar started, Gloria Madriguerra, Barangay Chairwoman, delivered a short inspirational message for the MSMEs attending the activity and it was officially opened by Ms. Apple Plopino, Negosyo Center Business Counselor Paete. Anne Camille S. Alducente, the Resource Speaker of the said seminar, clearly discussed how to set up a business. She gave a step-by-step guide namely: 1) analyzing one’s self; 2) analyzing the business environment; 3) selecting the form and type of business; 4) generating a concrete business plan; 5) sourcing of capital; 6) identifying government and non-government agencies for assistance; 7) selecting business location; 8) registration of the business and 9) hiring and training of employees. She also discussed the different programs and services of DTI, such as Consumer Welfare and Protection, SME Development Programs and Services, and Market Development.

In photo: Potential and existing MSMEs from Barangay Bagumbayan in Paete listening to the resource speaker

The seminar received positive comments from the participants and they expressed their satisfaction with the learning activity. All of the participants who answered the Client Satisfaction Form graded it passed. Overall, the SMERA program was commended by the potential and existing MSMEs, and they are pleased to join the future seminars, mentoring, and coaching sessions of the Negosyo Center Paete. The recently conducted seminar of the Negosyo Center Paete was attended by a total of forty-seven (47) potential and existing MSMEs from Barangay Bagumbayan in Paete.♦

Date of Release: 30 May 2022