in photo: Negosyo Center-Polillo conducting seminar on basic bookkeeping and taxation

The Basic Bookkeeping and Taxation was held on 19 September 2021 from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. After the opening remarks and introduction of resource person, the program proceeded to the planned scheduled. The resource person discussed the basics of bookkeeping and taxation. The basic bookkeeping was about keeping full, accurate, and up-to-date business records of the transactions of an entity/business organization. Systematically recording the financial transactions of an entity, and recording transactions in the journal and posting to the ledger. The resource person also discussed the types of business organization, types of business activities and the basic goals of bookkeeping and accounting. She also discussed the charts of accounts, basic financial statements, accounting cycle, source documents and transaction analysis, journal transaction, posting of transaction, adjusting entries, financial statement and FS Analysis.

The business counselor during the afternoon session prepared a short ice breaker for the participants. Afterwards, the resource person prepared a walkthrough in accounting process thru workshop to test if the participants learned something from the discussion. After the workshop, the business counselor awarded the certificate of appreciation and the token to the resource person. All participants were also awarded the certificate of participation. ♦

Date of Release: 21 September 2021