VICTORIA, LAGUNA – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Laguna is still continuing its efforts to ensure the availability of supplies and affordability of prices of basic necessities and prime commodities (BNPC) in the markets through price and supply monitoring.

For the month of January, 30 firms were covered by the said monitoring activity.

All firms monitored were compliant with the DTI Memorandum Circulars (MCs) 20-07 and 20-10 or the “Anti Hoarding and Anti-Panic Buying” and “Supplemental Anti-Hoarding and Anti-Panic-Buying Directive”, respectively.

It was also observed that the MC 20-09 also known as “Pagpapahalaga sa mga Senior Citizens” is being implemented – Senior citizens have designated priority lanes. Senior Citizens were also prioritized in lines outside the stores.

Social distancing is also being strictly implemented. Some strategies include putting markers on the floor to serve as a guide for shoppers and limiting the number of shoppers allowed at a time inside the store.

More importantly, prices remain stable for the BNPCs under DTI’s jurisdiction for all firms monitored.♦

Date of Release: 17 February 2021