Negosyo Center–Sariaya Business Counselor Shayne B. Nocus, together with members of the Sariaya Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

SARIAYA, QUEZON —The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)–Quezon, through its Negosyo Center–Sariaya Business Counselor Shayne B. Nocus, actively participated in the monthly meeting of the Sariaya Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The meeting commenced with an opening prayer led by Ms. Claire Oñate, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. Mr. Ruben De Gracia, President of the Chamber, read the minutes of the previous meeting and opened a quorum. Ms. Theia Maris Logi initiated a motion to establish the quorum, confirming the presence of the required number of members for the meeting to proceed. The main agenda revolved around the chamber’s forthcoming projects for June and July, aiming to make a significant and positive impact within the local community.

In June, the chamber planned a noteworthy tree-planting activity at Brgy. Mamala 1, Sariaya, Quezon, as part of the nationwide celebration of Environment Month. This initiative seeks to promote environmental sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of preserving nature. Additionally, the chamber planned a pivotal General Membership Meeting on June 30, extending invitations to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to attend. The objective is to encourage these businesses to join the chamber, fostering collaboration and empowering them for long-term success. To facilitate this, the chamber formally requested a knowledgeable speaker from the DTI to deliver an insightful presentation on key topics such as Business Capability, Business Innovation, and Business Competitiveness.

As July approaches, the chamber eagerly anticipates its participation in the impactful Brigada Eskwela activity. This meaningful initiative aims to improve and maintain school facilities within the community, ultimately enhancing the learning environment for students. By actively engaging in this activity, the chamber demonstrates its steadfast commitment to education and community development.

The meeting concluded at 7:24 pm, leaving a lasting impression on all participants and paving the way for the successful execution of the upcoming projects.

Date of Release: 31 July 2023