infographics: Webinar on Basic Pricing and Costing

DTI-Quezon Provincial Office conducted a webinar on Basic Pricing and Costing on 8 October 2021, via Zoom. This activity was facilitated to assist OTOP and Non-OTOP MSMEs, as well as students and potential entrepreneurs, selling their products to create profit at their full potential, covering all the expenses included in the production, marketing, promotion, logistics, and most especially the cost of ONG’s new label and packaging.

The invited resource speaker was Wandalyn Tan-Calupig, a career coach for moms and top 1 Most Influential Filipina on LinkedIn. She discussed not only the fundamentals of pricing and costing but also strategies for positioning products and services based on their value proposition.

crowd shot of the participants of the webinar

One hundred eighty-seven (187) participants attended the webinar, composed of DTI staff, existing MSMEs, potential entrepreneurs, and students.♦

Date of Release: 11 November 2021