NORTHERN MINDANAO — Department of Trade and Industry-Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (DTI-CARP) Bukidnon, partners with the academe, to introduce to agrarian reform beneficiaries the new market dynamics through E-commerce Onboarding. The initiatives were conducted last March 17 and 24, 2023.

The E-commerce Onboarding Trainings aim to empower and equip local farmers in Bukidnon with essential digital skills and knowledge to foster entrepreneurship, increase market access, and sustain their respective business operations.

It was conceptualized after DTI Bukidnon’s CARP recognized the importance of empowering agrarian reform beneficiaries to adapt to emerging technologies.

The E-commerce Onboarding include topics on digitalization roadmap, digital entrepreneurship, online marketing strategies, social media account creation, order fulfillment, and customer engagement.

Participants were also introduced to popular e-commerce platforms and were provided with hands-on guidance to set up their online stores effectively.

“I am thankful for these digital trainings as it addresses the unfamiliarity of agrarian reform beneficiaries with digital platforms.” Mr. Ernesto Palomaria, a participant and representative from St. Michael Manolo Fortich Farmers Association, Inc. (SMMFFAI), said.

More collaborations with the academe, local stakeholders, and organizations are being anticipated by DTI-CARP Bukidnon in the hopes of sustaining the momentum generated by the E-commerce Onboarding. ♦

Date of Release: 22 May 2023