KORONADAL CITY, SOUTH COTABATO – The Regional Development Council 12 (RDC 12) signified its support to make the Kape Dose Coffee Quality Competition an annual institutionalized event of Region 12 that recognizes the best locally produced coffee.

The passing of RDC Resolution No. 19, series of 2024, titled “Supporting the Institutionalization of Kape Dose Coffee Quality Competition as the Official Annual Activity of the Region and the Kape Dose Quality Seal,” signifies RDC’s endorsement of the initiative spearheaded by DTI. This initiative aims to promote high-quality coffee production and encourage its patronage by the general coffee-drinking public.

The passing of the RDC Resolution No. 19, series of 2024 entitled “Supporting the Institutionalization of Kape Dose Coffee Quality Competition as the Official Annual Activity of the Region and the ‘Kape Dose Quality Seal’,” is a nod of RDC, the highest policy-making body of the region, to the initiative being spearheaded by DTI to promote production of coffee quality and its patronage by the general coffee-drinking public.

This year’s Kape Dose is the second edition of the competition, with 71 coffee entries that competed for the coveted title of the best Robusta and Arabica coffee in the region; entries almost doubling from the 47 entries in 2023. The resolution cited that Region 12 is the number one coffee-producing region in the country, contributing 35% to the national coffee production, making it a strong contender to be the coffee capital of the Philippines.

Additionally, the Council expressed through the resolution the significance of the DTI 12-led initiative as a means to further push Region 12’s efforts in vying to become the coffee capital of the country, as well as to enhance the quality of the region’s production, bearing the Kape Dose Quality Seal.

Flora Politud-Gabunales, the Regional Director of DTI 12, stated during the Kape Dose competition awarding earlier last month that the endeavor is part of the agency’s agenda, along with its partners, to assist farmers and processors.

“We aim to bring impactful and enduring interventions to help local coffee farmers and processors improve the quality of their coffee, allowing them to sell it at higher prices and access markets that offer better buying prices, ultimately raising the bar for Region 12 coffee,” said Politud-Gabunales.

Politud-Gabunales expressed her gratitude to the leadership of Governor Emmylou “Lala” Taliňo-Mendoza and the members of RDC 12, saying that the resolution is solid proof of how cohesive the stakeholders of the region are in supporting initiatives geared towards improving the coffee industry.

“We are elated by the overwhelming support that we received from RDC 12 as they ratified the resolution raised by the good Chairperson of the Economic Development Committee 12 (EDC 12), Ret. B/Gen Joselito Kakilala, without any objections,” stated Politud-Gabunales.

She also invited the general public to support packed roasted coffee products and green coffee beans bearing the Kape Dose Seal of Excellence, as only the products with the holographic stickers are guaranteed to be made of coffee beans graded by the experts as Fine Robusta or Specialty Arabica.

Dubbed as the biggest and grandest competition for the best coffee in Region 12, the Kape Dose competition, a collaboration between DTI-12, Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU), Department of Agriculture (DA) 12, Peace and Equity Foundation, Mahintana Foundation, Inc., and Region 12 Coffee Council, highlights the highest-quality and most flavorful locally produced coffee beans from the region.

Through its Industry Cluster Enhancement (ICE) Program and Rural Agro Enterprise Partnerships for Inclusive Development and Growth (RAPID Growth) Project, DTI has been offering technical assistance to coffee stakeholders across the value chain, aiming to enhance product quality, entrepreneurial skills, and market access. ♦

Date of release: 14 May 2024