Local Government Unit Meeting

On 19 July 2021, the Department of Trade and Industry-Shared Service Facilities (DTI-SSF) Quezon Team conducted a meeting and action planning with the local government unit (LGU) of Alabat, Quezon and SSF Regional Coordinator Leif Byron S. Samiano to determine steps in resolving the current non-operational status of the said SSF project facilitated by SSF Provincial Coordinator Ma. Graciela C. Ledesma with SSF Support Staff Dara Jannes C. Obmerga.

The meeting started with an opening prayer by SSF Support Staff Dara Jannes C. Obmerga followed by the acknowledgement of attendees by SSF Provincial Coordinator Ma. Graciela C. Ledesma. Ledesma also shared the project brief/overview of the SSF for coco coir of Alabat LGU. To report on the status of operation of SSF for coco coir processing, Mylene Culing shared that she assumed office in April 2021. She was from Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) which was also involved in the coco coir Ddevelopment in Alabat, Quezon. She mentioned that they conducted training for coco coir processing, in partnership with DTI-Negosyo Center Alabat, represented by Victoria Gonzales.

In order to update the attendees of the meeting, Obmerga showed the latest inventory report, and certification of unserviceable machines and equipment from Municipal Environment and Natural Resources (MENRO) and Mayor Fernando L. Mesa in October 2020. They briefly discussed the content of the documents. In addition, Ledesma discussed the findings and recommendation of the submitted report of the Alabat LGU in 2020.

Provincial Director Tadiosa proposed two steps that they can take: the loom weaving machines can be disposed thru sale, or the loom weaving machines can be donated to another cooperator who can repair them.

The meeting reached some agreements to fast track the processing of the documents of LGU Alabat in order to resolve its non-operational status. ♦

Date of Release: 4 August 2021