The public are advised to check the marks when buying electrical lights to ensure that these have passed the Philippine standards. Locally-manufactured products must bear the necessary PS mark,while imported products have the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark.

While Christmas lights are part of the festive celebration during the yuletide season, it is not about the bulbs or how the lights play in buying one, said DTI-6 Regional Director Rebecca M. Rascon.

“Let us be careful. Those with the [PS/ICC] marks passed our standards,” she said.

Further, for those who will be recycling Christmas lights from last year, carefully inspect the plug and wires of the lighting set for brittle and dented parts as the insulation material made of polyvinyl chloride plastic deteriorates over time.
The recommended usability period for Christmas lights is three years.

Rascon also noted the presence of several supermarket that have mushroomed in the metropolis and even in the nearby towns providing a lot of choices to the consumers. “Before buying, survey first. We have all the choices where to buy,” she said.

“Even if we have excess money, let us be frugal and prudent in buying what we need. What is important is you buy the essentials,” Rascon said, adding the people should start buying as early as now to avoid the rush and the long queue in the supermarkets as the holiday nears.♦

Date of release: 6 December 2018