ASEAN Peer Review on Consumer Protection: The Philippines’ External Peer Review Report

Under the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan on Consumer Protection (ASAPCP) 2016- 2025, the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP) implements voluntary peer reviews as one of the contributions towards a common consumer protection framework.

The Philippines, through the Department of Trade and Industry – Consumer Protection Group (DTI-CPG), is the first member of the ACCP to undergo the Peer Review.  The Peer Review aimed to assess the country’s current consumer protection laws and benchmark with the best practices in the region.

The assessment covered a wide range of aspects in the following areas: (i) Policy Formulation; (ii) Advocacy; (iii) Monitoring and Enforcement; and (iv) Redress. The assessment noted significant efforts by the DTI including the regular conduct of advocacy initiatives that increased consumer awareness of their rights and responsibilities, as well as the “No Wrong Door” policy initiative, which enabled DTI to resolve 99.19% of complaints received in 2020.

Several recommendations were identified in the Report including the need to amend the Consumer Act of the Philippines (CAP) to encourage consumers to proactively protect themselves and the pursuance of a National ODR Network, which is currently in the works known as the Philippine Online Dispute Resolution System (PODRS). The assessment reported that the Philippines stands well-equipped in protecting and safeguarding the rights and welfare of its consumers.


Published: December 17, 2021