In a groundbreaking development aimed at transforming the landscape of agricultural trade, the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal, Inc. (NVAT) unveiled its pioneering NVAT Fresh Online platform on 31 August 2023.

The NVAT Fresh Online platform is the result of collaborative efforts between the Department of Trade and Industry Region 2 (DTI R2), through the leadership of Regional Director Leah Pulido Ocampo and DTI R2 Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Director Marietta Salviejo, USAID Strengthening Private Enterprises for the Digital Economy (SPEED), and NVAT, Inc.

A Tripartite Partnership Agreement, a pivotal document solidifying the commitment of all parties, was inked during the platform’s launch and underscores the collaborative approach taken to usher in a new era of agricultural trade.

The platform is the product of meticulous planning to modernize agricultural supply chains in the Philippines. This cloud-based business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce marketplace is set to redefine how farmers, traders, and buyers interact within the agricultural ecosystem.

Underpinning its creation was a co-creation workshop facilitated by SPEED, which engaged local stakeholders to comprehend their needs and obstacles. This laid the foundation for a stakeholder-driven digital business model tailored for NVAT. The platform’s development also involved creating business processes that aligned with the demands of e-commerce operations.

To ensure a seamless transition to this digital platform, SPEED will be providing comprehensive training to NVAT employees, equipping them with the necessary skills for effective e-commerce operations. Moreover, the initial farmers and traders, who will be utilizing NVAT Fresh Online, will receive essential capacity-building and onboarding support. This support will extend beyond the platform’s launch as more participants join the platform.

NVAT Fresh Online’s ambitions extend further through its plans for integration with third-party service providers, including payment gateways and logistics service providers. These integrations, along with user training, customer support, and regular maintenance, will be expertly handled by the chosen provider.

DTI R2 is set to play a pivotal role in amplifying the reach and impact of NVAT Fresh Online by linking it with institutional buyers. This strategic move is expected to bolster transaction volumes, leading to increased efficiency, timeliness, and seamlessness of transactions.

As NVAT Fresh Online gears up for its launch, anticipation is high within the agricultural sector, as it stands poised to reshape the agricultural trade, promoting greater connectivity and efficiency for farmers, traders, and buyers alike. ♦

Date of release: 31 August 2023