in photo: Ms. Avegail D. Agojo, the DTI-Laguna Negosyo Center Bay Business Counsellor, together with CLDD members.

BAY, LAGUNA — The Department of Trade and Industry – Laguna Provincial Office (DTI-Laguna), in collaboration with the Calamba City Cooperatives and Livelihood Development Department (CLDD), hosted a highly successful training seminar titled “How to Start a Business” last June 30, 2023. The event took place at the CLDD Training Center in Mercado de Calamba, Brgy. 5, Calamba City.

The event has witnessed enthusiastic participation from CLDD personnel and constituents from various industries/sectors such as hog farming, solo parents, and other independent individuals from the City of Calamba. The seminar aimed to equip participants with vital knowledge and inspire entrepreneurial aspirations, offer practical guidance for business start-ups, introduce valuable resources and support services, and address common challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

The seminar, expertly moderated by Ms. Phoebe Cervantes of CLDD, began with a warm welcome to all attendees. Cervantes then introduced the esteemed resource speaker, Ms. Avegail D. Agojo, the DTI-Laguna Negosyo Center Business Counsellor in Bay, Laguna. Agojo, renowned for her extensive experience and expertise in business start-ups, delivered an engaging presentation that covered various subtopics, including business planning, legal requirements, market analysis, financial management, operations, sales, and risk management. Her insights provided the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the essentials for successfully launching and managing a business.

Throughout the seminar, Agojo’s expertise and practical advice resonated with the attendees, who actively participated in discussions and sought clarification on specific business-related queries. The seminar not only imparted knowledge but also fostered a sense of empowerment and motivation among the participants, fueling their entrepreneurial drive and determination.

As the seminar drew to a close, members of the cooperative and attendees expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the valuable insights gained from the event. Cervantes, in her distinguished closing speech, commended the participants for their commitment to self-improvement and encouraged them to apply their newfound knowledge and resources in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The DTI-Laguna and CLDD partnership showcased the dedication of both organizations to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and promote economic growth within the community. By equipping individuals with the necessary tools and guidance, they aim to unlock the potential of business start-ups and contribute to the development of a thriving local economy.

Date of Release: 17 July 2023