Screen capture of attendees of STRIPE 5: Patent Claims Drafting

ANTIPOLO CITY — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Rizal, in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPhil), recently organized the 5th highly informative webinar titled “Introduction to Patent Claims Drafting.” This webinar aimed to equip MSMEs with the essential knowledge and skills required to draft effective patent claims, ensuring the protection of their innovative ideas.

Led by industry expert Engr. Eric C. Paden, IP Rights Specialist IV – Area manager VISAYAS, the webinar provided valuable insights into the intricacies of patent claims drafting. Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects, structure, and terminology involved in creating robust patent claims. The session emphasized the importance of clear and concise language, as well as the strategic positioning of claims to maximize patent protection.

Business Development Division Chief Sharon F. Dioco acknowledged the support of the participants and IPOPhil in making the webinar a resounding success. She also expressed gratitude to the presence of MSMEs who are currently availing the programs of DTI – OTOP, Champs, KMME, as well as the members of Philippine Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Chief Sharon highlighted the importance of understanding patent claims drafting as a crucial step in securing intellectual property rights. She encouraged attendees to leverage the knowledge gained to strengthen their patent applications and enhance the value of their innovations.

The webinar, conducted virtually via user-friendly platforms such as Zoom and live-streaming on Facebook Live, ensured accessibility and inclusivity, enabling a broader audience to benefit from the comprehensive training session. The interactive session between the attendees and Engr. Eric C. Paden, an expert in patent claims drafting, was a highlight of the event. Participants actively engaged in discussions, seeking clarifications and sharing practical insights. The informative content delivered by Engr. Paden inspired attendees to study and review the process of making effective patent claims.

The session served as a testament to DTI Rizal’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs by equipping them with valuable skills to navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property rights.

Date of Release: 20 July 2023