Screen capture from Facebook live of Digital Tuesdays webinar series

The Department of Trade and Industry – Rizal in partnership with the Department of Communication and Information Technology – Rizal successfully held the last or the 6th session of its Digital Tuesdays webinar series with the topic, “Innovation and Technology in Trade and Industry. The session was participated by 154 zoom participants and 12 FB live viewers.

Mr. Oliver Darvin, President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) Antipolo graced the program by delivering a welcoming message to the participants. He invited the participants, the potential and existing MSMEs to visit the “Samahan ng mga Negosyo sa Antipolo” Facebook page and provided the contact information to the participants. He said that although it will be the last session of Digital Tuesdays, participants are welcome for the upcoming webinars of DTI, DICT and PCCI Antipolo.

Mr. Freddie B. Cipres Jr., a Social Media Manager and a Campaign Press Release Writer served as the resource speaker for the webinar. He started the discussion by giving the overview of the topic. The discussion was focused on the following areas: Definition of Innovation, Impact of Technology, Best Practices and the Challenges and Risks. He discussed each area and gave example to make it clearer and understood by the participants. At the end of the discussion he concluded, “To succeed in today’s business environment, companies need to embrace innovation and technology”.

The Participants have actively engaged in Q&A, each question was answered gracefully by the resource speaker. The webinar ended with participants being thankful of the learning they have gained from the session.

Date of Release: 11 April 2023