in photo: DTI Rizal, SM Foundation, together with the farmer-beneficiaries from Antipolo City.

ANITPOLO CITY, RIZAL — Building on the success of their previous collaboration, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Rizal, in partnership with SM Foundation, once again conducted an impactful training session for farmer-beneficiaries. On August 4, 2023, the Trinity Baptist Church in Cabading, Barangay Inarawan, Antipolo City, hosted the second training session under the “Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) on Sustainable Agriculture” program.

The latest training session introduced a novel approach to entrepreneurship development among farmers – the “Entrefarm Game.” This interactive training game was specifically designed to teach farmer-beneficiaries how to view farming as a viable business or enterprise, fostering their entrepreneurial skills in the Agri-based sector.

The two Business Counselors who facilitated the training, BC Raymond Melendres and BC Daryl Andres guided the participants through the Entrefarm Game. Through this innovative approach, the farmer-beneficiaries were immersed in a simulated business environment, enabling them to apply entrepreneurial principles to farming scenarios.

The Entrefarm Game not only offered an engaging learning experience but also provided practical insights into the rewards and challenges of running a farm as a business. Participants explored key aspects of entrepreneurship, including market analysis, financial management, risk assessment, and marketing strategies tailored for the Agri-based sector.

Mr. Raymond Melendres and Mr. Daryl Andres, the facilitators of the training, expressed their optimism about the potential impact of the Entrefarm Game on the participants’ entrepreneurial mindset. They emphasized how gamified learning allows for active participation and experiential learning, ensuring that the farmer-beneficiaries gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in real-life farming enterprises.

During the training session, the farmer-beneficiaries actively collaborated, shared ideas, and engaged in insightful discussions. This interactive environment fostered a supportive community, where experiences and best practices were exchanged among the participants, enhancing their collective learning.

Ms. Mharie Billones, the program coordinator, expressed her satisfaction with the enthusiastic response from the farmer-beneficiaries. She highlighted the participants’ eagerness to embrace the Entrefarm Game and their determination to explore entrepreneurship opportunities in the Agri-based sector.

The success of the “Entrefarm Game” training session reaffirms DTI-Rizal and SM Foundation’s commitment to uplifting the lives of farmer-beneficiaries by providing them with innovative and practical tools to succeed as entrepreneurs. The KSK program will continue to host weekly training sessions, with each session aiming to deepen the participants’ understanding of sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Date of Release: 15 August 2023