in photo: Tuklas Sining Art Workshop participants, together with DTI Rizal.

The recent “Tuklas Sining: Art Workshop,” a collaborative effort between the Department of Trade and Industry – Rizal, the Local Government of Tanay, and the Parola Artist Group, marked a significant milestone in fostering creativity and talent within the community on November 27, 2023. Held at the San Ildefonso De Toledo Parish Patio, the workshop drew the participation of 48 enthusiastic and aspiring young artists from Tanay. The workshop was graced by DTI Rizal OIC PD Cleotilde Duran, DTI 4A Supervising TIDS Christine Querubin and Competitiveness Bureau TIDS Judy Anne Chan. This engaging activity stands as a testament to the commitment of FiestaKucha – CHAMPIONING CREATIVE (Creative Related Efforts and Assistance Transforming into Viable Enterprise) initiative in nurturing and empowering budding talents. Through this event, attendees were provided with a platform to explore their artistic prowess, learn new techniques, and express their creativity under the guidance of seasoned artists and mentors.

Beginning with the foundational aspects of art, sessions on Basic Drawing laid the groundwork for understanding lines, shapes, perspectives, and composition. Explorations into Color Theory and Still Life allowed these budding talents to unravel the mysteries of color mixing and apply these concepts to dynamic still-life compositions. The introduction to Oil Pastel Drawing opened doors to a world of vibrant expression through techniques like blending, layering, and texture creation.

The Introduction to Acrylic class equipped participants with fundamental techniques such as brushwork, color blending, and layering. Lastly, the Portrait Drawing session honed on the intricacies of capturing facial features, proportions, and shading, fostering a deeper understanding of portraiture. With a rich tapestry of sessions, the workshop provided a holistic platform for these young artists to explore, learn, and refine their artistic skills, nurturing their passion for creativity and self-expression.

The activity successfully ended at 6:00 in the evening.

Date of Release: 6 December 2023