In Photo: Ms. Marilyn C. Bermudo with her products

Marilyn C. Bermudo, owner of Juarren Edlagan Furniture Shop, shared her journey with us through this statement: “It was indeed a dream to remember August 2016 when my husband and I have our own respective jobs back then. My husband as a carpenter and I was a wood furniture varnish helper. Every single day is a challenge but our bosses became our inspiration to work hard and to continue dreaming that someday we will have our own business through our own efforts.” 

For Marilyn to make it happen, she saved some money from their salary. They decided to get a loan of PHP 20,000.00 that may help them to possibly purchase the necessary machine and materials that they could use for their business. She also made it a goal to secure the pertinent business-related documents in order for their business to flourish.

“DTI played a big part on our business because when they knew we have the certificate, no questions asked and the rest of the process for our clients,” she further explained.

In Photo: Juarren Edlagan Furniture Shop's stall at KALAKAL Laguna

As part of her growth as a business owner, she participated in a Kalakal Laguna Trade Fair conducted last October 2021 in Pagsanjan, Laguna. She also participated in a webinar entitled “E-commerce for MSME Practical Approach “, which was conducted last November 2021 through Negosyo Center Paete. The foregoing activities that honed her a knowledge in online selling.

“[My] hard work led [me] to have clients from [different places within or outside our hometown] in Paete, Laguna. Through them, we managed the business smoothly, receiving good feedback and referrals. Continue dreaming, aim for it and work hard, it will happen in no time!”, Ms. Bermudo said. ♦

Date of Release: 6 June 2022