KMME-MME Mentee - Marichris P. Omambing from Mawie's Quail Farm

Marichris P. Omambing, the owner of Mawie’s Quail Farm, worked in the garment industry before opting to leave because of her children. She and her overseas Filipino (OF) husband decided to start a business as a backup plan in case he decided to retire, allowing them to have a secure and profitable enterprise. Despite the fact that she knew that becoming an entrepreneur is difficult and challenging, she pursued it since it is a rewarding opportunity.

She joined the Kapatid Mentor ME Program because she believes it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn a lot of new things, and she was named one of the Best Business Improvement Plans recipients at the 2021 KMME-MME Online Exclusive Sector Virtual Graduation Ceremony. ♦

Date of Release: 26 October 2021