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It has only been two years, but Jude E. Villanueva has become the talk of the town in San Pablo City, Laguna as those craving for not only real fruit shake with a twist but also mango sticky rice flock over their food kiosk in Sampaloc Lake just to have a taste of the town’s newest craze.

Crushing other competitors who also cater the same line of business, their genuine creations blended with aesthetic ambiance of Sampaloc Lake surely captivated the hearts of not only Sampableños but also neighboring cities and municipalities as well. They have also been featured several times by Unang Hirit and Umagang Kay Ganda both of which are renowned TV shows in the country.

in photo: Sweet Tooth Owner, Tuts

“Tuts” eyed the Sweet Tooth Project to be operational on December 2018, pushing forth with limited knowledge when it comes to business; he immediately equipped himself with new and vital leanings from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Laguna.

Despite having a hectic schedule ‘round the week he made sure to attend various trainings and seminars being given by DTI. Frequent phone and online consultancies were also given to him from time to time by Negosyo Center Business Counselors.

When asked what his secret recipe to success was, he instantaneously answered that “Trials from my past gave me the courage to lift myself up and continue moving forward, Sweet Tooth, without tremendous help from DTI Laguna, all of this would be of no shape; to my fellow start up entrepreneurs I suggest that you knock unto DTI’s doors and surely without a doubt they will assist you to the fullest. Salute DTI – Laguna! We will continue shakin’ up and hungry for more seminars”. ♦

Date of Release: 13 January 2022