Due to COVID-19, most business establishments have gone bankrupt or have experienced problems sustaining their businesses. Last 17 March 2020, the Philippines have undergone an enhanced community quarantine to contain the spread of the virus in the country. Laguna, being listed among the provinces with a high rate of transmission, has suffered quite a lot of financial losses. But a budding mompreneur, Ms. Rhose Faith Hayagan, grabbed this chance to upscale and change her business strategy from having dine-in clients into online live cooking cum selling show streaming on Facebook and TikTok.

Her desire to provide for her family fueled her up and posted everything a client should know about her business online, from delectable pictures of the food they serve, prices, delivery fees, areas where they can cater, and modes of payment. She also thought of live streaming their food preparation where the viewers can also post their orders without any hassle. A good comparison from her previous setup is that it is much less expensive for her since she incurred no additional electricity and water bill at her restaurant which also resulted in higher sales garnering to roughly triple their monthly sales before the quarantine period.

Keynotes to survive from the owner would be, “staying safe (wearing mask, face shield), going digital is hard for non-techy individuals but is not impossible to learn, taking up what is happening today and slowly but surely thinking up of ways on how to survive is essential, and having a business continuity plan is a must for every business establishment.”♦

Date of Release: 10 February 2021