Seamancor Eco Developers Inc.

Sabang, Prieto Diaz, Seamancor Eco Developers Inc. was conceived on December 6, 1994 and started a pilot project on Eco-Tourism. There you can see mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs from their fish sanctuary. For years, they have protected the area against illegal fishing and other factors that might bring adverse effect to the sea. continue reading : Seamancor Eco Developers Inc.

Prime Legacy Bags

Prime Legacy, Inc. in Daraga, Albay has gone a long way since 2001, when Nacion sisters decided to put it up as a corporation, a business they inherited from their parents. Its growth can be attributed to the persevering Nacion sisters who are both hands-on in the business and both discovered their passion in product continue reading : Prime Legacy Bags

The House Of Pili

A visit to Bicol is not complete without trying its famous pili nuts and other pili delicacies. Truly an enchanting indulgence. Every bite is a heaven’s delight! WELCOME TO THE HOME OF PILI NUT PRODUCTS. Nutritious, delectable and the next big thing to hit the international market. The Pili nut has indeed come a long continue reading : The House Of Pili