A visit to Bicol is not complete without trying its famous pili nuts and other pili delicacies. Truly an enchanting indulgence. Every bite is a heaven’s delight!

The House of Pili

WELCOME TO THE HOME OF PILI NUT PRODUCTS. Nutritious, delectable and the next big thing to hit the international market. The Pili nut has indeed come a long way from the markets of the Bicol Region in the Philippines to the grocery shelves of some of the countries that are discovering its truly unique taste.

The House of Pili

With the relentless efforts of J. Emmanuel Pastries, the Pili Nut products are making their mark in the world market. Now we have the premium quality nuts, still made in the traditional Bicol way but with that much needed twist. The Bicol pili nuts have been enhanced and packaged in a very appealing fashion. The fusion of the old and new is evident in the products which bore the seal of excellence and appeals to both the local and the international clients.

This in a nutshell is the pleasure and delight that we can get as we savor each Pili nut. Grab a packet and we promise you, you can’t just get enough!

Not to be eclipsed by the pili nuts, we have other interesting products – the Sesame Balls, deliciously eaten straight from the packet and the Coconut Jam, slap it on the bread or serve it generously to compliment desserts. Yum! It feels like tasting your mom’s homemade sweeties. Interesting items for your breakfast or snack pantry!

J. Emmanuel Pastries (The House Of Pili)
A Sweet Success

The company’s business success must be strongly intertwined with her passion and determination coupled with winning attitude and positive outlook.

J. Emmanuel Pastries has gone a long way since it started its operation in 1997. The business started upon the marriage of Maria Lydia Perez-Lomibao to Joseph Lomibao. They established the company with the PHP500 left from their wedding kitty, which started by making pili tarts and delivered them to downtown stores in Naga City. A backyard scale pili nut producer, the company experienced increasing sales from 1997 to present due to its aggressive production and marketing strategies.

J. Emmanuel Pastries, which was named after their first-born son, Joseph Emmanuel is owned and managed by Maria Lydia Perez-Lomibao. It is an example of a homegrown successful company that started its operation with only the couple as workers. The couple decided to hire one helper due to series of bulk orders. Presently, it’s giving more jobs in the countryside with a total of 60 workers. Right now, the company produces 30 varieties of pili nut confectioneries, still growing, and supplies them to both local and international market. The company’s growth can be attributed to the persevering Lomibao couple, Lyd and Joseph, who are not only mere thinkers but doers. The couple was gifted with four children, two boys and two girls who are all studying in exclusive schools in Metro Manila. Behind the success of J. Emmanuel Pastries is the perseverance to make a difference. Lyd and her husband are good business tandem because Lyd, who loves to cook, handles the marketing while Boyet focused on production and sees to it that quality will always be the trademark of their products. She was also one of those producers who has the creativity in developing new product lines like hopia de pili, sweet and chili sampaloc, sesame balls honey flavored, coco jam de pili, heritage collection, suspiros de pili, pili nut revel bar, pili topped brownies, and others.

The House of Pili
The House of Pili

Additional investments for modern production and packaging equipment and tools resulted to increased production capacity and ultimately led to new markets.
The company has strictly complied with the government regulations particularly imposed by Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and the required bar coding by big retail establishments.

Considered as one of the pioneers in introducing good packaging and labeling for the pili food products that made a positive ripple effect with the rest of the pili candy producers in the region, as they follow suit in coming up with better packaging that can compete with the growing discerning market.

Through the assistance of DTI, the firm becomes a regular participant in the regional, national and International Food Exhibition in Manila. Furthermore, J. Emmanuel was one of the five Bicol food firms that joined the Hongkong Food Expo on August 14-18, 2008 held at Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center and was selected by DTI to participate the US Market Reconnaissance held last Sept.14-19, 2009. On January 20-22, 2013, the company was one of the five pili nut producing companies that participated in the Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, the biggest specialty food promotional event with 1,300 exhibitors and some 20,000 guests from various countries.

With the entrepreneurial attitude of Lyd, coupled with the full support of her family, J. Emmanuel has shown remarkable achievement. This is a tribute to her winning attitude and willingness to continue learning new methods and techniques in her business as shared to her by the DTI. The company also recognizes the assistances extended by some government financing institutions that paved the way for the company to be recognized, not only in the local market but in the global market as well. The company grew from micro to what is now a medium-sized enterprise with a PhP30M capitalization. Through perseverance and help from the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Department of Science and Technology, it expanded its market, increased its employees, and added more product variations. Some of its products reach as far as Japan, United States of America, Canada, South Korea, and the People’s Republic of China, while all of its products are circulating in Bicol Region, Laguna, Metro Manila, Cebu and Cavite.

The success of J. Emmanuel Pastries is a living proof that sincere and mutual cooperation between well-meaning private entrepreneurs and a government that is always willing to help can produce extremely positive results not only in terms of income but also in job generation. A combination of good product, a producer who believes in quality service and a government who wants to help has brought out the best for J. Emmanuel Pastries.