Prime Legacy Bags

Prime Legacy, Inc. in Daraga, Albay has gone a long way since 2001, when Nacion sisters decided to put it up as a corporation, a business they inherited from their parents. Its growth can be attributed to the persevering Nacion sisters who are both hands-on in the business and both discovered their passion in product designing. Sisters Thielle, Jocelyn, Rosemarie, and Maria Teresa Nacion have successfully transformed their simple family business into a global venture.

Thanks to the Nacion sister’s passion to their craft coupled with government intervention, Prime Legacy’s beaded bags have been stocking up shelves of fashion houses from Japan, and Singapore to the US.

The DTI likewise provided Prime Legacy its much needed exposure to both domestic and international markets through trade fairs and other trade exhibits, as well as product design and development. With DTI as partner, Prime Legacy was able to find buyers through business matching activities. In many ways, Prime Legacy was introduced to a quality concept that international buyers were looking for.

Considered as one of the pioneers in introducing world-class beaded bags, it made a positive ripple-effect with the rest of the handicraft manufacturers in the region, as it follow suit in coming up with better quality that can compete with the growing discerning market.

Through the assistance of DTI, the company became a regular participant to domestic and international fairs. It was also a recipient of various DTI training programs, especially product development, which helped a lot in their product designs. Jo met potential buyers through DTI’s initiated market matching activities. Consultancy services offered by DTI had also infused Jo’s learning in managing the business.

Jo, the new registered manager, “revolutionalized” the company’s image by being the trendsetter in making the Bicol’s handicraft bags worth buying and giving. The company expanded and established wider range of buyers. At present, Prime Legacy, Inc. supplies Japan, Singapore and US markets. Initially with a capitalization of PhP1.5M, the company now has an asset of PhP15M, giving employment to 264 people.

With the entrepreneurial attitude of Jo, Prime Legacy, Inc. has shown a remarkable achievement. This is a tribute to her adherence to quality and her willingness to continue learning new methods and techniques in the business as shared with her by DTI.

From a PhP1.5M capital, Prime Legacy is an example of a homegrown successful company with an asset of PhP15M, providing jobs to close to 300 craftsmen and workers.