Financing Opportunities/Tools

Find available financing opportunities, resources and opportunities to help you scale up your business.



The COVID-19 Assistance to Restart Enterprises – Enterprise Rehabilitation Financing Program of the government which aims to provide needed financing assistance to enterprises affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.



CreditBPO powers financial inclusion, helping SMEs to quickly progress by providing companies with a quantitative rating analysis of your business and your initial creditworthiness through affordable financial technology and industry benchmarking.  

CreditBPO is accredited by the SEC as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA).



CREDITBPO Marketplace with ESG

Match.creditbpo.comis a Marketplace for SMEs to get rated and then matched to over 400 banks and lenders for business loans as well as matched to corporate procurement teams for purchase orders and supply contracts.It has incorporated into its Matching Platform the Environmental, Social and Governance Action Points that a company can disclose to potential lenders, customers and partners. 

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A FinTech company that empowers growing SMEs through fast and flexible funding. SMEs can apply for a Revolving Credit Line, which offers up to P10 Million for as low as 1.39% monthly interest, through the link below or by calling (+632) 8580 3200.



The country’s first recipient of a permanent crowdfunding license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Investree is dedicated to supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through valued partnerships, advanced technology, and viable financing solutions which enable business growth.



FundSpace offers a suite of different financing options that cater to every company’s needs. Our goal is to empower SMEs by unlocking capital through our core products. FundSpace is the fintech venture of 917Ventures (GCVH, Inc.) focusing on providing access to loans to SMEs. 917Ventures the Venture Building
subsidiary of Globe.



Free bookkeeping app for Filipino MSMEs. Lista helps you record all your business financial transactions to be more efficient and stress-free.