PAB Mandate


The PAB as national accreditation body of the Philippines is mandated to accredit inspection, testing, calibration and certifying bodies and other bodies offering conformity assessment services. Essentially, the PAB would:

  • Strengthen the technical infrastructure in the country for better consumer protection and in making Philippine Products competitive in both domestic and foreign markets;
  • Give recognition to conformity results through the assessment and evaluation of certification bodies or laboratories;
  • Enter into mutual or multilateral recognition arrangements for acceptance by accredited bodies and institutions in the Philippines; and
  • Support industries and consumers through the provision of reliable conformity assessment results.

Financial resources

Financial resources required for the operation of PAB are financed by an annual budget allocation from the national government according to Presidential Decree 1177 otherwise known as the “Budget Reform Decree of 1977”. PAB prepares a budget plan for the fiscal year which is incorporated in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) annual budget. The budgets include Personal Services (PS), Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), and Capital Outlay (CO).