Conformity Assessment Body



What is Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)?

– Organization which undertake conformity assessment techniques and activities.

“Conformity Assessment is the process for demonstrating that expectations about the product and services relation to feature like quality, ecology, safety, economy, reliability, compatibility, interoperability, efficiency and effectiveness meet the requirements of standards, regulation and other specifications.”

Types of CABs

Types of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)

  • Certification Bodies

the organization providing auditing and certification services so called conformity assessment – demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled.

  • Inspection Bodies

The organization conducting inspection or examination of a product design, product service or process/plant. Inspection involves determining its conformity, either against specific requirements or on the basis of professional judgment.

  • Testing Laboratories (Including medical testing laboratories)

A laboratory which measures, examines, or determines the characteristics or performance of materials or products or specimen.

  • Calibration Laboratories

A laboratory that calibrates measuring and test equipment.

The certification body/ inspection body/ testing laboratory/ calibration laboratory may be a public or private entity, an established business or corporation, or an identifiable division or in-house activity of a business or corporation.