NORTHERN MINDANAO – For years, generations of farmers in Misamis Oriental have poured their hard work into cultivating one of the most traded commodities in the world—coffee. Yet, many of these farmers have never tasted the coffee beans that they have passionately cultivated.

Traditionally, these farmers’ beans were traded as cherries or green coffee beans at a lower or modest price.

However, a transformative change has been brewing as 50 farmers from 11 coffee farmer organizations in the municipalities of Opol, Balingasag, Claveria, Gingoog City, and Magsaysay in Misamis Oriental were provided with a Bean Grading Skills Training in Don Narciso Café, Claveria.

Coffee bean grading is the process of assessing the quality of coffee beans through physical characteristics and sensory evaluation.

Through this experience, the coffee farmers were able to gain deeper understanding of their harvest and experience the legacy that they have produced over the years.

Additionally, they will now be able to appreciate the value of producing high-quality beans in order to get significantly higher prices in the market, which will also result to higher income and better livelihood for the farmers.

Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Licensed Arabica Q-Graders, Ms. Anatista Perez and Mr. Elmar Limpiado, immersed the farmers on the different coffee classifications, identification of defects and sizing, and sorting of green beans.

Ms. Miralie Alfeche, owner of Craft Coffee, also introduced the art and science of coffee evaluation to the participants. 

The training culminated with a cupping activity, where farmers experienced the inherent flavors of their own produce.

The Bean Grading Skills Training was organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Misamis Oriental’s Rural Agro-enterprise Partnerships for Inclusive Development and Growth Project (RAPID).

It is one of the special project’s components under Direct Assistance to Enterprise where Capacity Building is organized through productivity and technology transfer.

The training was also supported by the Misamis Oriental Coffee Council headed by its Chairperson, Mr. Melvin Fabello. ♦

Date of Release: 15 March 2024