The Department of Trade and Industry R2 Isabela, through its Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, in partnership with the National Program Office (NPO), successfully conducted the production of the audiovisual presentation for the pilot episode of Byaheng Agraryo Project on April 08-09, 2024, in Barangay Magleticia, Echague, Isabela with Caviteño Isabelino Multipurpose Cooperative (CAISA MPC) as its beneficiary.

The activity focused on capturing video footage showcasing the vast plantations of pineapple and señorita banana in the area, as well as the intricate pineapple processing activities.

On April 8, interview sessions were conducted with Manager Maria Victoria S. Anahaw, together with the Board of Directors (BODS), where they shared insights into the cooperative’s journey, tracing its humble beginnings to its current stature as a beacon of resilience and success in the agricultural sector. With honesty and warmth, Manager Anahaw recounted the challenges faced by the cooperative, particularly during turbulent times such as the pandemic. She spoke of the unwavering spirit of the cooperative members, who banded together to overcome adversity and emerge stronger than ever, underscoring the importance of unity, innovation, and community support in navigating uncertain events.

Following the interviews, the production team captured captivating footage of the pineapple processing activities, offering a glimpse into the meticulous processes of transforming freshly harvested pineapples into delectable products. From sorting and cleaning to slicing and packaging, every step was captured with precision, highlighting the dedication and expertise of the workers who play a vital role in this industry.

The following day, the production team ventured into the heart of the plantation early in the morning, before the sun bathed the fields in golden light to capture stunning footage that showcased the sheer scale and beauty of the agricultural endeavors,

The project aims to boost the virtual presence of Caviteño Isabelino Multipurpose Cooperative (CAISA MPC) by curating compelling content for YouTube, while also spotlighting the cooperative’s business journey and documenting its best practices contributing to its success.

The activity was a concerted effort of DTI and NPO, through the DTI R2 Isabela’s Provincial CARP Coordinator, Billy Joe B. Concepcion and Regional Coordinator STIDS Melegrina P. Turingan, along with STIDS Shynne Cecille C. Arao, PFN Industry Focal and TA Krystal Twinkle A. Fortuna, Pineapple Industry Focal.

As the cameras rolled and the stories unfolded, it became evident that beyond the fields and processing facility, it is the people—their passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment—that truly define the essence of this agricultural community. This successful collaboration exemplifies the government’s commitment to supporting rural communities and fostering economic growth through innovative strategies. The activity is poised to significantly enhance the prosperity and sustainability of Echague’s agricultural sector.

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Date of release: 12 April 2024